5 Reasons to Live Abroad

I am lucky enough to be living abroad and think it is a beneficial experience. Here are 5 reasons why I think you should take the plunge and live abroad!

  1. Changing environment helps you to learn a lot about yourself

I have found that living abroad I have learnt so much about myself, how I adapt and that I can survive in different situations. The reason why many people don’t move abroad is because they are so used to their norm and think they won’t feel at home. But once that stage has past you’ll realise that you can feel at home anywhere

  1. You will realise that materialistic things don’t matter

Experiences will hold more value to you. You’d rather go travel to another city rather than buy a new purse because you’ll hold those memories forever. You’ll also realise that you can live on minimal stuff. After not being able to carry my whole wardrobe with me I realised I didn’t really need half the stuff I had.

  1. Employability

Many employers value an employee who had lived abroad because of the skills gained such as learning a new language and networking with people from other cultures.

  1. Making new friends

You’ll meet many people from all over the world and from different walks of life. I have found that some people I have met abroad have become my closest friends because you share the experience together.

  1. You will gain a new outlook on life

Different cultures have different ways of looking at and doing stuff. Living abroad can help you look at things different and open your mind to a new perspective.

Published by Bee

Expat | Content Creator | LDN - MI

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