Cheap Events on New Years Eve in London

News Years Eve…a night of spending tonnes of money to go into the city, pay hella load to get into a club, and probably end up getting a bit too drunk (I’m not promoting binge drinking). I personally hate spending a lot on nights out (call me tight) so here are some cheap things to do on NYE.

  1. Bounce

Love London PR is taking over transforming the place into New York. Defiantly a fun filled night feeling like your ringing in the New Year playing ping pong in New York.

Tickets available here starting at £20

  1. Barrio East

I love this bar all year round but especially when they have Hawaiian themed events. This year for NYE they are hosting ‘Hawaiian Bop’. Get ready for Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts!

Barrio East

Tickets available here starting at £15


  1. Fight Club

A class night filled with bubbly, canapes and dancing.

Tickets available here starting at £10

  1. Notting Hill Arts Club

Bringing a touch of Rio to Notting Hill, this night will be one to remember. With the carnival vibe, expect to hear Funk, Latin American Beats and Afro Beats.

Tickets available here starting from £10


  1. The Hoxton Pony

Nothing better than NYE in Shoreditch, filled with glam and glitz. PLDN will be taking over playing R&B, Hip Hop and Trap.

Tickets available here starting at £15

  1. The Gun

Great gastropub next to the River Thames will be hosting a party to take you back to the Victorian times. I personally love this pub and think the view is so romantic.

The Gun

Tickets available here starting at £15

  1. London NYE fireworks

Bring in the New Year by watching the yearly breathtaking fireworks event.

Tickets are no longer available but you can watch them at home on TV with family and friends if you’re having or going to a house party/gathering or just simply staying in.


Hope you all have a wonderful New Years night!

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