Things to do before and when you move to Milan

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Whether you’ve packed your bags or still throwing about the idea if moving to the fashion capital is for you, I’m sure you’re searching for advice.

Here are a list of things to do and ensure you have before you move;

  1. Codice Fiscale (CF) – Italian Tax Code is a probably the most important thing that you need, as without this you won’t be able to get an apartment or a doctor or a bank account. To obtain this you must apply at the Agenzia delle Entrate, in Milan there are 6 offices and you can apply at any. When applying it is vital you take your ID or passport. Non-EU citizens must also show their “permesso di soggiorno” or valid visa. For further info click here.
  2. Residence – Probably the hardest thing to do since you can come across scammers, but just don’t give any money before you view anything! In my opinion, the best way to find a room of apartment is by joining endless accommodation Facebook groups. I joined so many just before I came and set up multiple views for when I arrived in hope one would be good. Here are some of the ones I joined: Milan expats, Milan housing, Milan apartments, Stanze in affitto and Affitti studenti.
  3. Bank – I’d advice going with Fineco. If you are not an Italian citizen, go into your local branch and apply you will receive your account number as soon as its processed there. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian, all Fineco banks have at least one English speaking advisor.
  4. Doctor – I’d advice you to get a doctor because you never know when you’re going to get sick or need a doctor’s note. To get a doctor, you need to go to the Agenzia di Locali (ASL) where you’ll be assigned to a doctor in your neighbourhood. You’ll need to bring your ID, CF and proof of employment of education in Milan.

Just bare in mind like everything in Italy, all these things (may) take time. It took me over a month to complete all but hopefully my quick guide will help speed things up for you.


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