Gourmet Food Truck

After months of craving South American food, my friend finally told me about this Venezuelan food truck called El Caminante. The concept of this food truck intrigued me more (I was sold at Venezuelan food) since the owner moves his truck around Milan posting his whereabouts a few hours before on the Facebook page.

The other day I had the opportunity to try it since it was quite near my apartment.


Ordering food

Gourmet arepas bursting with flavours and freshly made. The menu is gluten free and they have a vegetarian item on their menu. Their menu consists of about 6 different types of arepas. I tried Valencia which was meat in a tasty sauce and my friend had Caracas which consisted of chicken, avocado, lemon & mustard.


In terms of price I think it was reasonable since it’s gourmet for a food truck. Each arepas cost €7 then the dessert is €4. Quoting my friend “if it was €5 I would have bought two”.

Overall I’d defiantly chase down the truck again! If you haven’t yet tried El Caminante, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

Who said food trucks can’t be gourmet?!

Finished & satisfied

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