Seafood Sarnies

Since eating the best seafood over summer, Yari and I have been on a hunt to find places that par with  Ristorante Al Cancelletto and the fritto misto in Naples.

Amongst the many seafood restaurants in Milan, for our lunch date, we decided to try Pescaria; where street food meets seafood.

Pescaria serves a wide selection of uncooked and cooked fish everything from mussels to tuna and my favourite, polpo! You won’t go short on choice; whatever fresh flavours your tastebuds are craving. To quench your thirst, they also have a selection of wines; red, white and rosè.

My suggestion: Polpo Fritto Panini with fried octupus, ricotta and pepper and anchovi flavoured sauce. I won’t give anymore away, I’ll let you eat your way through the menu.

What seafood resturants would you recommend?

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