The Gift Guide – Secret Santa

Shopping for gifts is fun when you know what to get. But what do you do when you have gifter’s block?

Work Secret Santa can be hard. I always end up with someone that I don’t really know so I’m always confused on what to buy. Well, many years of practice have helped me get Secret Santa present-ing down to a T!

  • Disposable Camera

Give the gift of memories. A disposable camera is a great present, allowing the receiver to capture moments and instead of uploading them on social media, they’ll have them developed.


Shop this camera on Urban Outfitters.

  • Smartphone Lens Kit

For photography lovers. Super handy way to make the most of your smartphone camera. Three different lenses that will step up the receiver’s photography game.


Discover the lens kit on Urban Outfitters.

  • Portable mug

Perfect for the season to carry a warm drink on the go or also for the office.



  • Hot sauce to-go

For those who like it hot. Have hot sauce everywhere you go, never have un-spiced food again.

Urban Outfitters


  • Seasonal socks and slippers

Warm, toasty and funny. You can’t go wrong with Christmas themed socks or funny slippers. ASOS have a great selection for both men and women.


  • Books

Pockets of knowledge. From travel books to educational books, give the gift of learning something new.


I hope this is a good muse and Secret Santa gifting will be smooth sailing.

What do you give for Secret Santa? Leave a comment and share your ideas!


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