Tips for moving to another country


Whether you globetrotting for 6 months or packing up and moving country for good, planning and packing can be overwhelming but what about the other bits and bobs people forget to mention about moving…

After speaking with a few friends who have lived abroad, I devised a little list of things to consider. No matter where your off to, these tips will come in handy.

  • Decluttering

It doesn’t have to be Spring to have a clear out. Before leaving home clear through your things. Sell, donate or if you have to throw.

  • Organise mail and bills 

Redirect any mail to your new address. Cut off your bills a month in advance or you will end up paying extra.

  • Have an open mind

Wherever you go, it won’t be like home. Be ready to accept new traditions and a new culture. Fully immerse yourself and even research about local customs beforehand.

  • Say ‘yes’

It’s easy to feel lost in a new place, be open to reaching out to different people and say ‘yes’ to attending events. Whether you join a language class or a dance class, find other expats who will most probably be feeling as lost as you are.

  • Learn the basics of the language

Even if it’s just yes thank you and hello; it is nice to embrace the country’s language.

Share your tips below of top things to do before you leave!

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10 thoughts on “Tips for moving to another country

  1. If you move for good make sure you take care of your investments including real estate. Research the country and learn the language before you leave. You will need original Diplomas and Driver’s license.


      1. at the bottom of your post there should be a button which says follow, it also have 3 little dots. If you click the dots you’ll fine shortlink and you can copy it from there.

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