Edinburgh in a day – bonus

As I said in my previous post,  visiting Edinburgh in a day does not do the northern capital justice, and I still had so many great and unique places to add.

The European Christmas Market

Something seasonal to warm you up in the blustery cold. I particularly shared this place because of the liquid gold that is mulled wine. Running from mid-November until the end of the first week of January, the perfect seasonal pick-me-up drink.


Mary’s Milk Bar

This intimate gelateria, designed in the typical 1940’s milk bar vibe, took me by surprise. After reading about it on Buzzfeed I had to try it while I was there. The gelato is artisanal, made by Mary who trained at Gelato University in Italy. The most recommended item on the menu is the Hot Chocolate Float. I tried this and it was heaven in a mug, mixing 3 of my favourite things together, it is the ideal winter warming comfort food.




Arthur’s Seat

A serene and scenic area ideal for people who love to treck. Formed from the remains of a volcano, at 251 metres above sea level, this is the highest point of a group of hills. As you ascend the hills you can see the beautiful views of Holyrood Park and the city. Come prepared to walk, comfy walking shoes are a must!





Just a stone throw away from the bustling city centre lies this charming village. When the tide is low, make sure you check in advance, you can visit the Cramond Island by walking down the causeway (see in images below). Escape to this real life painting for a romantic place to watch the sunset, take a break from the city or just see the area from another perspective.

Really accessible and easy to reach by bus.

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Question time: what city would you like me to write about next?

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4 thoughts on “Edinburgh in a day – bonus

  1. Berlin, Prague, Barca , or Porto in 2 days
    One day is definitely not doing any of these incredible cities justice.

    Flying across the pond to Munich tomorrow, then Austria for some snowboarding


    1. You’re right Kimberly, one day is not enough!
      I will for sure consider these cities in my series. Thanks for the support ✌️✨


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