Where to eat in Milan: good and cheap

In a country that holds one of the world finest cuisines, you are sorted when it comes to indulging.

But in a touristic city like Milan, it can be hard to find that perfect combination of a reasonably priced restaurant with TASTY traditional food. Let me help you avoid the tourist traps with my guide of some good and cheap restaurants in Milan.

Osteria Brunello                                                                                  £££

This award-winning enoteca, located in the heart of Milan on Corso Como is labelled as one of the best places to eat a traditional cotoletta. They have a wide selection of wines, and their staff are well trained on them alongside that, a short menu offering a contemporary take on authentic Milanese dishes. It is one of the few places that serves veal cotoletta in Milan. Although the cotoletta is €24, I can confirm it’s worth trying once and I would recommend it. 



Dry                                                                                                           ££££

If you’re like me and all you long for after an exhausting week is a few cocktails and pizza, then Dry is the place for you. If you go on a Friday or Saturday evening I’d advise you to book in advance as it gets busy and you might end up having to wait. But the wait isn’t all too bad, there is enough space at the bar for many people to sit, drink a cocktail and snack on bread and kalamata olives. They serve really peculiar pizza, try to be more adventurous than me with my Pizza Bufala.

Acquasala                                                                                               ££

A taste of Puglia in Milan. Located in the charming Navigli area, this restaurant offers great prices for the lunch menu. Here you can indulge in traditional  Pugliese dishes and wines. The house red wine goes down a treat. Don’t skip dessert either, I suggest trying the pasticiotti which is a delightful pastry filled with creamy pudding.

Trattoria Bolognese da Mauro                                                          ££

Try authentic food from the Emilia region. Known and praised for pasta dishes by locals, you’ll be fed like you’ve visited your Italian grandma. To-die-for recipes, generous portions and friendly staff all play a part in making this hidden restaurant, in the Navigli area, such a gem.


Trattoria della Gloria                                                                           ££

Hidden on the back streets of the Navigli area lies this intimate restaurant. Inside the decor somewhat remind you being inside a grandma’s dining room. Tasty fresh ingredients and quality attentiveness to traditional. The place gets busy at both lunch and dinner so I advise you to book in advance.


Slowsud                                                                                                    £££

Little Sicily in the heart of Milan. A small, contemporary restaurant that serves traditional scrumptious dishes from the island, giving you a feel for the south. They even do breakfast and have my all time favourite brekkie granita with brioche, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


Question time for those well acquainted with Milan: where else would you advise us to eat traditional Milanesi dishes such as Risotto alla Milanese and Risotto all’Ossobuco?


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