Best 5 public working spaces in Milan

Relaxing environment, caffeine fixes, snacks and free wifi are important when working out of office or studying. To make your search easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite independent places to work in Milan for you.

Gogol & Company

Cafe-come-bookshop located on Via Savona. Not only offering a place to study and work but also socialise and enjoy the events held, everything from book presentations and signings to interviews.

Pros: you can find a unique range of books and the staff are enthusiastic.

Cons: if you are working or studying, watch out when there is an event as it gets really packed




A contemporary reinterpretation of a bookshop with an area dedicated for coworking in the open space and a close off area for private study. 

Pro: the facilities include a cafe so during intense study/work sessions you don’t have to leave if you are a bit peckish of thirsty. Open 7 days a week.

Cons: during exam period it gets packed




The Moleskine Cafe combines aspects of a cafe, bookstore and art gallery bringing to you a dream working space for creatives. Situated in the Brera district, it is the ideal working space to get your daily dose of inspiration.

Pro: great coffee and snacks and situated in one of the nicest districts in Milan

Con: the service can be slow at times and they have some seat you cannot use your laptop at




A twist on the traditional “merenda”, the three young entrepreneurs who founded this cafe really hit the mark and outdone themselves. Brioche on brioche on brioche, other sweet treats and a cool working spot.

Pros: location is great and the brioche is divine.

Cons: not for those who prefer a silent working place




Work, study or relax in the pay-as-you-go cafe and office. Self-service savoury and sweet snacks and coffee or tea served by the waiter.

Pros: you can buy time in bulk (daily, weekly or monthly) and you can also hold business meetings and presentations here

Cons: if there is a presentation/group meeting it can get a bit loud


SHARE your FAVOURITE coworking spaces in your city below!

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One thought on “Best 5 public working spaces in Milan

  1. I’ve been to Gogol and i love to work there! Especially beacause it has a rellay particular menu for drinks and food! Chocolate is on point, while Greek yougurt with dry fruit is my favourite 😉


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