Breakfast places in Garibaldi | Milan

When it comes to food, Lanza and Garibaldi area is always my place of choice. Although breakfast is not a huge deal in Italy, grabbing a good brioche and well-made cappuccino is always on my to-do list on my days off. If you’re like me and like to start the day right, you’ll want to add these places to your list of cafes/bistros to try!

Botega Cacao Caffe

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what Botega Cacao Caffe is full of. Dive into chocolate heaven from the crack of dawn. WARNING: this cafe is addictive!

TRY: chocolate brioche and if it’s winter, indulge in a hot chocolate


Giovanni Cova & C. Bistro

Welcoming staff, fresh pastries and good coffee; what more could you ask for in the morning. The ambience, along with the wide selection of fresh brioche, has me returning again and again to this spot.

Ammu Cannoli Espressi Siciliani

Not only for a spot for the morning but for whenever you want a sweet pick-me-up. Ammu serve the ultimate Sicilian sweet treats. It’s not easy to find good cannoli, but here you’re dreams with be fulfilled. And HOLY CANNOLI they do my favourite summer treat, granita and brioche.

TRY: cannoli with pistachio


Thun Caffe

Perched at the end of in a little walkway off Corso Garibaldi lies this delightful spot. Organised in a unique format in which Thun Caffe combines a shopping experience and a cafe helping to define a customer experience in which the customer is the sole focus. Don’t accidentally miss this place.

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