There’s No Place like Rome | 48 hours in Rome

Rome is where the heart it. Last month I took a much needed solo weekend getaway. Solo trips replenish the soul – if that’s not a quote, it is now. I spent two days Rome-ing around the eternal city being in awe at every corner I took.

Getting there:

Rome is about a 2 hours and 50 minute train ride away from Milan, or 6 hours drive, which isn’t so bad as you can stop by in some other cities or towns along the way if you have time on your hands. If you are flying into either of the airports, Ciampino or Fiumicino, you can hop on a coach transfer from the airport right to the central station. I’m a fan of Terravision you can book online or directly when you arrive on the bus.

Day 1:

Checking into to a hotel/hostel has never been so easy. Only a stone-throw away from the central station nested behind a bright yellow wall lay The Beehive, my “hostel” of choice for the weekend. Now, I wrote hostel in quotation marks because The Beehive is more than a hostel. Split into two parts, the dorms and the suits, I stayed in The Sweets where I had my own room and bathroom and shared a communal area. Much to my surprise, the room came equipped with a hairdryer, bathrobes, towels, soap and shampoo. There’s the option to have breakfast and they also have a dinner events unfortunately I wasn’t there long enough to attend any. On arrival Linda, the owner, notified me of The Beehive app which was a great help finding places to eat and drink like a local.

After checking in, I headed right onto get the tourist things out the way. I’ve seen Rome a handful of times so I mainly went for photo op purposes. I decided to walk around Rome to really immerse myself in the city and come across way more than I would if I took the bus. I headed up to Trevi fountain, and of course as always tossed a coin in even if I’m not superstitious, I like to be sure I’ll return to the beautiful city.

After I walked up to the Pantheon, admirable from the outside but do be sure to checkout inside, the waiting lines generally move fast. Don’t forget to look up and admire the  world’s largest unreinforced dome, still in tack from when the Romans build it in 125 A.D.

I couldn’t return to Rome and not come to my favourite piazza in Rome, Piazza Navona. I could sit there for hours and just watch the city move around me. Piazza Navona has 3 fountains; Fountain of Neptune, Fountain of Moor and Fountain of the Four Rivers. Erected in the middle of the square is a Egyptian obelisk.

Walking around the city was thirsty work so I decided to stop off at Etablì for a drink after reading a review on The Culture Trip and I wasn’t disappoint at all. Sold by the atmosphere, the music and the staff, I ended up staying there longer than expected. As a solo traveller I’d advice you to give this place ago to  have a chat with locals and tourists alike.

My initial plan was to dine a Madre, but I thought I’d save that for my last night and instead have a pizza at the highly recommended Emma Pizzeria and I can understand why that is so. You can taste the freshness and high-quality of the ingredients.

Day 2:

Buzzing to meet a friend of mine who runs a bespoke tour company in Rome, I had a early start. I stopped off to have a quick brekkie at Er Baretto and always I ordered a soya cappuccino and I tried a lemon sfogliatella. I had such a lovely chat with the owner and the waitress that worked there, the friendliness of the staff in Rome reminds me so much of home.


Elena from Exclusiveissimo organised a food tour and seeing it through a true Roman’s eyes was the cherry on top. Take a look a few images of the places we stopped off at.

I ended the afternoon by heading up to Giardini degli Aranci which I had never been to before! It is such a beautiful garden filled with orange trees, hence the name, and a wonderful view of the city. Unfortunately, it was a bit grey when I reached up there but I still got to enjoy the view.


I finished my night with dinner at Madre, and drinks in a few bars. A long-awaited trip to the restaurant I have been yearning to try. I tried the pork taco and savoury maritozzo with biological chicken salad, I could have eaten it twice. I also tried a dessert a very interesting take on tiramisu (yes its the one resembling the plant pot).

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