The first Boots pharmacy in Milan

Boots has opened in Milan! One more time for the people in the back… Boots has opened in Milan!

I’m sure many of you haven’t heard because there were no press releases it just randomly popped up, on Viale Fulvio Testi 90, a few weeks ago.

For those of you who don’t know what Boots is, it is a British drugstore which sells everything from beauty and hygiene products to medicine; they even sell soft drinks and snacks in the UK stores. Boots is defiantly one of those stores in which you walk in for one thing and come out with a whole haul.

Sounds like a great store right?  Well, it is but the Boots in Milan has been primarily a letdown. There seems to be a distinctive price difference between UK and Milan Boots, the prices are defiantly higher here. Up to €15 for drugstore box hair dye, €15 for drugstore brand foundations, medicine is exactly the same price as it is (which there are probably laws about so I’ll overlook that) and tampon tax is very real! The make-up ranges defiantly do not cater for all shades which is an embarrassment coming from an international store.

On a positive side, the opening hours are great, you can shop there from Monday – Sunday from 8 AM -Midnight. They also carry some of the classic brands such as Soap & Glory, No7, Botanics and YourGoodSkin. The shop is very spacious and easy to get to, it is right opposite Bicocca station.

There is word of more Boots being opened around the city, so maybe this will be used as a test on how the drugstore should enter the market.

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