Edinburgh in a day – bonus

As I said in my previous post,  visiting Edinburgh in a day does not do the northern capital justice, and I still had so many great and unique places to add.Continue reading “Edinburgh in a day – bonus”

Edinburgh in a day

Visiting Edinburgh in a day won’t do justice, there are a lot of things to see in and around the city. But it is enough time to squeeze in some of the best parts.Continue reading “Edinburgh in a day”

Warsaw in a day

Once branded as the cheapest city for culture in Europe, Warsaw offers a substantial amount of things to see – definitely more than can be visited in a day. But if you are travelling within Poland and you’re up for a day of walking, grab the opportunity with both hands and spend the day in Warsaw.

The Polish DO breakfast. Bread, cold cuts, eggs and oatmeal are some of the common foods usually found at a breakfast table in Poland. Before starting your day, head for breakfast at Latawiec. Whether you’re a sweet tooth or your taste buds crave something savoury, you’ll find some appetising food there.

Head up to Łazienki Palace, also known as the Palace on the Water. Situated in Warsaw’s largest park it was designed by artists from all over Europe throughout the Baroque period. The park can be visited for free but the Palace costs around 20 złoty (open Mon-Sun from 10 am to 5 pm.

Walk up to the Fragment of the Ghetto Wall (between Złota 60 and Sienna 55). Although this is a long walk away, I always believe the best way to explore a place and really see it, is on foot. A must see as and a place for reflection to remember those who died during the German occupation.


For lunch, head to Stara Kamienica (Widok 8) you might want to book in advance as it can get fully booked. Exceptional ambience and service, and succulent and delicious dishes. Above all, the prices were cheap costing approximately 15€ per head.


Wander up to Nozyk Synagogue, the only surviving pre-WWII synagogue. A historical site which many people skip over, but this hidden gem. With a small tourist fee, you can visit the holy site.

Get lost in Stare Miasto Old Town. Just walking around you’ll discover beauty on every corner you turn. If you are around in the Christmas period, you will come across elegant and bright decorations light up the streets of Warsaw. There is also a Christmas market (near Podwale) selling everything from furs to traditional food and mulled wine. But don’t fill up on food as dinner is around the corner.


Dine at Portretowa, big portions and unbelievable prices. A small restaurant with an intimate atmosphere. The hostess/waitress goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Be sure to try their grandma’s desserts, the apple pie is truly delicious.

Where to stay

Although there are many places to stay in Warsaw, I recommend Apartment in the Centre of Warsaw. A stone throw away from the central station, the apartment will make you feel like you are at home. The owner is super available to answer any questions and is flexible with your arrival time.

Question for those familiar with Warsaw: what would be your number one recommendation for tourists?

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Winter trip packing list

Planning a small winter break? Wondering what to pack for bitterly cold temperatures?

I’m going to give you an overview of what was in my luggage for my blustery bank holiday weekend in Poland.

Everyone told me I would freeze so I stacked up on warm vests and tights to wear under everything and I even bought a new pair of over-the-knee boots. I don’t play with winter! Anyone who knows me can vouch that I’m temperature sensitive.


What was in my luggage:

  • 3 vests
  • 1 long sleeve top
  • 1 woolly cardigan
  • 2 polar neck long jumpers and 1 oversized crew neck jumper
  • 1 jumper dress
  • 2 leggings
  • 3 pairs of tights
  • Underwear – enough for more days than I’m stay
  • Winter accessories – hat, scarf and gloves
  • Makeup and toiletries – all in bottles under 100ml 


I advise anyone going on a winter excursion to layer up to the max. If you handle the cold like me, make sure you get a good parker with 80/20 down.

What’s the first item you pack for a winter trip?

Milan in a day

Tourists, this one’s for you. I’m giving you the guide I wish I had when I first visited Milan. Believe it or not, I wasn’t too keen to move here because I did not think the city was a buzzing as it is. However, I’m glad to say living here has proved me wrong.

Here’s a guide you can follow when visiting.Continue reading “Milan in a day”

Tips for moving to another country


Whether you globetrotting for 6 months or packing up and moving country for good, planning and packing can be overwhelming but what about the other bits and bobs people forget to mention about moving…

After speaking with a few friends who have lived abroad, I devised a little list of things to consider. No matter where your off to, these tips will come in handy.

  • Decluttering

It doesn’t have to be Spring to have a clear out. Before leaving home clear through your things. Sell, donate or if you have to throw.

  • Organise mail and bills 

Redirect any mail to your new address. Cut off your bills a month in advance or you will end up paying extra.

  • Have an open mind

Wherever you go, it won’t be like home. Be ready to accept new traditions and a new culture. Fully immerse yourself and even research about local customs beforehand.

  • Say ‘yes’

It’s easy to feel lost in a new place, be open to reaching out to different people and say ‘yes’ to attending events. Whether you join a language class or a dance class, find other expats who will most probably be feeling as lost as you are.

  • Learn the basics of the language

Even if it’s just yes thank you and hello; it is nice to embrace the country’s language.

Share your tips below of top things to do before you leave!

Seafood Sarnies

Since eating the best seafood over summer, Yari and I have been on a hunt to find places that par with  Ristorante Al Cancelletto and the fritto misto in Naples.

Amongst the many seafood restaurants in Milan, for our lunch date, we decided to try Pescaria; where street food meets seafood.

Pescaria serves a wide selection of uncooked and cooked fish everything from mussels to tuna and my favourite, polpo! You won’t go short on choice; whatever fresh flavours your tastebuds are craving. To quench your thirst, they also have a selection of wines; red, white and rosè.

My suggestion: Polpo Fritto Panini with fried octupus, ricotta and pepper and anchovi flavoured sauce. I won’t give anymore away, I’ll let you eat your way through the menu.

What seafood resturants would you recommend?

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Big Hair, Don’t Care

If you know me, I’m sure you would’ve heard my hair woes. Being fairly fresh to the natural girl scene, one of the first things I did when I moved to Milano was to ensure I had a place to buy hair products and a trustworthy salon.Continue reading “Big Hair, Don’t Care”